Mang Kiko`s Cacao 250 Grams


250 grams


Mang Kikos Cacao 2, our best-selling, is made from roasted and molded nibs of fermented pure cacao bean. It’s densely packed with iron, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Did you know?

Cacao, especially in chocolate form, is known to release “feel-better” adrenaline. This is good for the Mental Health, Heart, Weight Loss, and Bone Health. Above all, pure cacao is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that can make your body feel rejuvenated.

Each of the finest cacao beans are delicately handpicked and roasted to its optimal temperature before being cracked and winnowed; conched and tempered to perfection until they begin to crystalize. As such, it produces the smooth and creamy texture as it flows through your taste buds.

How to incorporate Cacao into your diet?

If you have never eaten cacao before, be prepared for a taste that you may find bitter. You might prefer to work your way up by gradually increasing the percentage of cacao you consume. Your palate will adjust quickly and thank you for it.

Always check that you are buying unsweetened powder instead of cocoa mixes with sugar. A higher fat percentage is better too, as it adds flavor and is more satisfying so you’ll consume fewer calories overall. Also keep an eye out for fair trade labels, so you know the workers who harvested the cacao were paid fairly.

Now, here are 7 ways to reap the health benefits of cacao!

Smoothies: Make a delicious chocolate smoothie by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder. You can use cacao nibs on top of your smoothie to add a crunch to your treat. Try nibs out on assorted goodies such as ice cream, granola mix, or muffins.

Raw brownies: Raw brownies are great for vegan and paleo lifestyles since the brownies are free of dairy, sugar, wheat and gluten. No baking is needed, but depending on the recipe, you might want ingredients such as pecans, unsweetened coconut flakes, dates and honey.

Baked goods: Cacao powder is also great for use in biscotti, chocolate strawberry shortcakes, pudding, cookies and cakes. You can even use this powder in paleo chocolate zucchini bread.

Cacao bar: Enjoy a bar or a few squares of good old raw organic chocolate.

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  1. Czarisse Diaz Escalona

    My sis who loves tablea is now in love with your tablea. 1 tablet of tablea is 11/2 mug of water, she said, and that the table as smooth to the palate. Wala daw sagul other than tablea ra gyud. Perfect 100%!!!!

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