Customers reviews processing and making Cacao budded

As a caviteño, I grew up drinking hot choco which my dad bought from Tagaytay, regularly. My parents are very picky with their hot choco. My dad even refused to taste the hot choco made from Mang Kiko's at first, thinking it'll be the same stuff I get from the grocery. But since my parents tried it, Mang Kiko's Cacao has been a staple in our weekend family bonding. We love the taste and the texture - when made correctly with sweetened milk, the hot choco turns out smooth and rich without being overly bitter. It's not just a great drink; It also made our family time a little bot sweeter.

Christl Jan Tiu

Sikwate has always been my favorite part of breakfast at home. I have always loved the flavor and taste of cacao and was so pleased to have tried Mang Kiko's Cacao! Being able to taste it over time, beginning from their earliest products, I have really tasted how it has evolved and how they have constantly been improving its taste and texture! I can really trust how they meticulously process their cacao even with the tiniest details perfected to be able to produces the most wonderful taste. Being away from home, just a sip of sikwate made from Mang Kiko's Cacao brings a whole lot of comfort to me.

Lyselle Desquitado

OMG! I just want to share, the chocolate is sooo good and I finished a cup na and I'm still thinking about to  have another one cup. OMG I'm gonna gain. But it's honestly a healthy coping mechanism, I mean the antioxidants and calcium from milk so why not.. haha

Kim Hocson

I love the cacao! I always have it in my rolled oats every breakfast to add flavor without feeling guilty of the calories and sugar. I have also been using it as a 3-in-1 coffee substitute while I study at night because of its health benefits as compared to an instant coffee.

Raedine Saavedra

I love using the cacao to help me wake up and get enough energy for the long nights of studying. Also, it has just the right balance of bitter and sweet that I get tempted to prepare more than one cup at a single time.

Ok, cacao is so good na I'm having my 2 mugs (so 4 tablets) for tonight! Thanks for this, will order more in the future after I get through this box haha!

John Ted Santos

This Cacao product is an ultimate recommendation for people who needs an alternative for coffee as a night hot drink. Other than its very affordable price, it gives a lot more benefits with the convenience of its good taste than the usual tablea chocolates. Definitely, a 10/10 and would keep buying!

Faith Tambalo

My breakfast wouldn't be complete without Mang Kiko's Cacao. The quality of the cacao is at its finest! it's not only yummy, it also helps to increase my breastmilk production!

Hed Uy

You can really taste the pureness of cacao. Tastes like hot choco in a cacao sense. No residues and no bitter taste at all! Smells like a chocolate tastes like one.

Jean Verde Sia

One of the best hot chocolate I had... and will have!

Willa Yansky

Waaaaah its so good!!! 10/10 thanks again Mang Kiko's Cacao.

Jeline Quinto

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Customers reviews processing and making Cacao budded
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